Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Elite Op Spins the New Hot Cross Album

In any town, in any county, anywhere in the world, there is a bar. And in that bar there is a man. And that man is a living, breathing weapon. He’s the most dangerous dude in the bar.

Well Hot Cross used to be that guy.

Hot Cross used to be the most dangerous dude in the bar.

What made these boys so horrendously treacherous was that they came packing more barrels than anyone else. They could fire punches with both hands and launch kicks with both feet; a quadruple threat; Hot Cross sported two vocalists and duel simultaneously shredding barrages of spastic guitar.

And this four-way combo was monstrous.

But one day, the band comes back to town and it’s lost a few limbs. One day Hot Cross released Risk Revival. That’s where things go south. Because while Revival is a bold and ambitious attempt to capture or even progress the sound that these boys have carved for themselves, the bottom line is that this band is not about one vocalist and one guitarist. It’s just not.

There are a million other one-punch, one-kick bands out there and unfortunately, they’ve been doing their thing a lot longer and a lot better than Hot Cross. The boys still deserve credit for throwing themselves into frays with the same reckless abandon they’ve always had, but at the end of the day – this group just isn’t as dangerous as it used to be. Still there is no one else on the planet who sounds like the 'Cross. So even on EVR - we still enjoy 'em.

[THE'SPACE] Hot Cross


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