Friday, February 16, 2007

The Proposition was one of the best movies of 2006

The Proposition is fluid, gorgeous humanity in motion. And so it is a delicate orchestra of human torment.

Specifically, this is an earthen piece of tattered, cruel, cinematic poetry. The celluloid hisses and crackles with the sort of dust and grit that Hollywood fanatically filters out of their sterile products. And yet this is a movie that relishes in the hoarse and scraping dialogue of sun baked, wind scorched characters that are such a pure and true breed, that their every action upon the screen is some sort of bloodthirsty frontier prose. There is a level or coarse reality to this movie that is stunning in its violent majesty.

No one makes movies like this anymore. No one remembers that movies like this were ever made.

But they were, and this film is a glorious homage to a different, older school of pictures. The Proposition is a nod to the movies that defined the archetypes we take for granted; the grim and worn heroes of bygone eras who stood alone, not only against a world that wanted them dead, but a howling voice deep inside of themselves that wanted very much the same thing.

There is a vicious, saturnine beauty to this thing that strains the dull and lifeless conformity that contemporary movie-goers have grown accustomed to. In a world of warmed, sweet, creamy milk The Proposition is a straight shot of whiskey that singes and smokes its way down the dry canals of your throat.

Elite Opinion gives this film 5 out of 5 bullets.


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