Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There is no god

Get the kids out of the room. Now.

Ladies and Gentleman, Elite Opinion presents: How To Ruin a Car Company.

(Warning: Viewing the following images my cause some to go blind or at the very least, wish they were blind.)

In what may be one of the worst automotive design blunders in history Subaru has managed to launch a tide of universal vomiting from both the international car media and collective automotive fans, world-wide. Message boards and Auto mag websites are howling in contempt. And just to make it clear that this isn't more Elite Op rampant exaggeration here's a quote from caranddriver.com:

"Holy bejeebus—what happened to its face?"

If there is a god, than he hath spoken.

And he says that he hates Subaru.


If Mcdonald's announced they'd purchased all of the ovens used in concentration camps during WWII and then announced that they would be using these ovens to cook their new line of McHollocaust Burgers - maybe that would be a worse business move. But we'd still have to taste the burgers first, to know for sure.

Now we're not saying this is the worst car design mistake ever-

Wait no, that's exactly what we're saying.

This is probably the worst automotive design mistake, ever.


Blogger mojobozo said...

urgh... I though cardesign went downhill when the took the fins off the back of those 50's amreican cars...

8:12 PM  
Blogger Johan said...

That car looks dope. Bravo to Mazda for upping their design of the MX6!

9:52 AM  

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