Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fresh Clips

Ah 2007's films.

They can't all be garbage. Here's a few gems. For the optimists out there.

All two of you.

These are the films that you won't see on the next Academy Awards.

These are the films that you borrower from the internet because your local theater doesn't play indie flicks.

Not that you'd pay the 10 dollars to see them anyway.

Grab a few rounds, the gun commands it.


Sun Shine


Danny Boyle is a criminally underrated director. This movie is flying way under the radar so far, which tends to be a bad sign for a film. But Danny rarely disappoints, although he’s not afraid to leave an audience in the dust. A commendable attribute considering most contemporary directors are hell-bent on spoon feeding their viewers.

If you hear the phrase "mankind faces extinction",within the first four seconds of a trailer, you can bet the movie will at least be more interesting than The Queen.


Angel A

Luc Besson is a French legend. The man is responsible for a slew of dark, hip and violent films including The Professional, The 5th Element and The Messenger.

Benson’s jumped aboard the nu-noir movement, shedding colors and frills in a return to his home country.

If you enjoy blonds with epic legs- than you're into this movie.

And if you don't enjoy blond's with epic legs, it may be time to ask yourself a few tough questions.


Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon The Movie For Theaters

It’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force the Movie.

If there's anything to say about this flick, that isn't addressed in its title or in the damn movie poster - Christ look at that poster.



The Host

Horror/comedy hybrids are in. Like Shaun of the Dead.

If you like monsters, fumbling Asians and monsters, you'll probably enjoy this film. And even if you're not into any of those things you'll probably still enjoy it.

This is because The Host is a Korean film and for those of you following contemporary film, Korea is pummeling the sin out of the rest of the world, in terms of cinematic quality.

Honestly, Bong Joon-ho is the business. The fucking business.


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