Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In Post-Rock news: No one knows what the fuck Sigur Ros is going on about

Apparently Sigur Ros is putting out a new album. Or three new albums. We say ‘apparently’ because the Sigur Ros MySpace page is utterly confusing. Primarily due to the fact that it's run by Icelanders, who in the tradition of all people-un-American, hate us and want to confuse us. We know this is true, how could other countries not not be jealous of America’s rich legacy, specifically our defining icons like Budweiser (the king of bears) Britney Spears (the queen of trashpop) and of course the Chrysler LaBaron ( “The Baron” of all cars.)

Sigur Ros says their new release(s) are both some sort of a live CD with a companion CD of B-sides:

'Hvarf-Heim', the companion record, has two titles because it is in effect two separate, but complementary, entities, with two front covers (see below) and a limited run of two discs. Open it one way and it's 'Hvarf' ("disappeared" or "haven"), a five track electric studio record comprising mainly unreleased rarities from Sigur Rós's back-pages, none of which is on 'Heima'. Open it the other way and it's 'Heim' ("home"), a six track live acoustic record, comprising delicate new unplugged versions of some of Sigur Rós's best moments, which have never been performed before.”

Whatever the fuck that means.

Regardless, Sigur Ros is still one of the 5 most important bands of the last 10 years of music, and undoubtedly these new releases should be spun thoroughly.

[THE'SPACE] Sigur Ros on Myspace


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