Saturday, March 29, 2008

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holy Jesus

There may be harder, faster metal bands out there, but listen to Ocean's newest album, 'Precambrian' and tell me if you care anymore.

If you search for the word "epic" the website actually redirects you to The Ocean's home page. And then your computer catches on fire, and explodes.

If you want a better idea of what this complete massacre sounds like here's a few people who made guest appreances on Precambrian:

Dwid Hellion (INTEGRITY),
Tomas Hallbom (BREACH),
Eric Kalsbeek (TEXTURES)


The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Haha ooohhh kay.

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Spinning: Telescreen

"Telescreen was formed in the spring of 2007 by members of Codeseven and vocalist Jared Draughon from Classic Case. Both bands having gone on hiatus and needing a new platform to release musical ideas, created Telescreen. The bands debut show will be September 1st 2007 in Raleigh."

Sounds like Gloria Record, Appleseed Cast, Dredg, etc

In other words, really fucking cool.

[THE 'SPACE] - Telescreen on myspace

The Best Movie of 2007

Seriously, nothing else comes even close.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Apocalypto is absurdly epic.

Apocalypto is a product of staggering devotion.

It is a work of singular vision that is utterly untarnished by any of today's film precepts.

The fact that this flick was made in today's movie machine is inconceivable. Apocalypto is so unrelenting and unwilling to make concessions for the average viewer that 99% of the people on the planet will watch this film and have no idea that it is probably one of the best movies to beat it's way out of the 2000s.

But it is. It really is.

Mel Gibson: a racist, a drunk and an genuinely incredible film maker.

We love this fucking guy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TV Writers strike, America asks, TV HAS WRITERS?

You had no idea there's a writers strike going on. And if pressed, most of you would probably guess that Ryan Seacrest is both the lead writer for American Idol as well as the Bionic Woman pilot.

All of these facts are erroneous.

We should mentioned that this is a general SAG strike, so it covers both film and TV writers and a few other groups we're gonna ignore, becauseTV writers really deserve the heat on this one.

The truth is, TV writers have been on strike since the mid 90s. The last truly original TV plot was for Disney's TV adaption of Alladin, the episode featured a strange reptilian Genie hunter named The Mukhtar that rode a Velociraptor. And that was it.

Actually, TV has been so regularly bad for so long that most of you won't be bothered by the forced-reruns due to the strike. That's because writers have be reusing the same characters and plot lines for most of the last two decades. So what's new?

The funny thing is that writers are demanding some kind of serious pay increase. Which on the surface would be something Elite Op would support, and we would if-


Alias, 24, Desperate House wives, all 12 of the CSI shows, anything touched by J.J. Abrams etc, none of the writers on these programs deserve to be paid more than $70,000 a year. Here's the real reason why: none of these writers actually write for these shows.

Let's take ABC's Lost for example, one of the key writers, Jeffrey Lieber, is told that he needs to write three episodes, over the next three weeks. He proceeds to spend the next 20 days arguing with co-writer Damon Lindelof about his fantasy football team's offensive line, posting comments on What Would Tyler Durden Do and shopping compulsively for JDM TV components. On the last day of his deadline Jeff comes home and hands his kid an outline for the plots, one he sketched up on a napkin, and bribes his 11-year old to "fill in the blanks" for daddy, and if he does, daddy will buy him an iPhone or a BJ from Lohan. Whatever.

That's pretty much how it goes.

These people do not deserve to get paid crazy amounts of money, they don't work for it. Really, no one in the entertainment industry should get paid over 100k a year. That ABSOLUTELY includes professional athletes; Peyton Manning is a great quarterback, but unless he can throw a perfect spiral to the surface of the moon - should he really be getting paid $35,037,700?

That number is so long it actually hurts your hands to type it all out.

Greed is completely out of control in the entertainment industry, but that's not news, certainly no more than printing, "there's nothing new on TV tonight."

No kidding.

The Manning Estate

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Demonoid is down. There is no god.

"The CRIA threatened the company renting the servers to us, and because of this it is not possible to keep the site online. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding."


Demonoid is the greatest file sharing site on the planet. And when it's down, because the Canadian Recording Industry A-word-something is being a bully, all of our lives suffer.

Children don't eat.

Cats and dogs eat children.

Water turns to blood.

The locusts.

All of it.

Of course this isn't the first time Demonoid has gone down, the last time this happened the website's servers had to move from the Netherlands to Canada. Apparently now that Canada is a Nazi regime Demonoid will have to find a new golden land to promote stealin- sharing.

Don't come to the US Demonoid, shit is weak here.

But do come back.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In Post-Rock news: No one knows what the fuck Sigur Ros is going on about

Apparently Sigur Ros is putting out a new album. Or three new albums. We say ‘apparently’ because the Sigur Ros MySpace page is utterly confusing. Primarily due to the fact that it's run by Icelanders, who in the tradition of all people-un-American, hate us and want to confuse us. We know this is true, how could other countries not not be jealous of America’s rich legacy, specifically our defining icons like Budweiser (the king of bears) Britney Spears (the queen of trashpop) and of course the Chrysler LaBaron ( “The Baron” of all cars.)

Sigur Ros says their new release(s) are both some sort of a live CD with a companion CD of B-sides:

'Hvarf-Heim', the companion record, has two titles because it is in effect two separate, but complementary, entities, with two front covers (see below) and a limited run of two discs. Open it one way and it's 'Hvarf' ("disappeared" or "haven"), a five track electric studio record comprising mainly unreleased rarities from Sigur Rós's back-pages, none of which is on 'Heima'. Open it the other way and it's 'Heim' ("home"), a six track live acoustic record, comprising delicate new unplugged versions of some of Sigur Rós's best moments, which have never been performed before.”

Whatever the fuck that means.

Regardless, Sigur Ros is still one of the 5 most important bands of the last 10 years of music, and undoubtedly these new releases should be spun thoroughly.

[THE'SPACE] Sigur Ros on Myspace

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Better Late than Not.

Experimental in all of the right sexy ways. Throwing dynamics by the fistful.

Honestly, this is one of the best hard music records in the past five years. Apparently we missed it in 2006 (actually that's a lie, we heard one song, bad mouthed it and laughed at how clever we are and moved on.)

The Always Open Mouth is better than your new BTBAM and new DEP albums combined.

Whoaaa - yeah.

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