Thursday, April 12, 2007

Elite Opinion On Graphic Arts: Sophie Toulouse

In 1871 the first Impressionist exhibit was held in Paris, featuring such up and coming artists as Monet, Cezanne, and Manet. The show was about as well received as a telemarketing scam — it made no money, and was ripped to shreds by Parisian critics. Today, an original Monet will run you somewhere in the realm of 25–30 mil, and his prints have been translated onto everything from coffee mugs, to mouse pads, to fill in the blank with a whole array of other stupid shit that no real art enthusiast would buy. But the point is that the Impressionists weren’t just onto something, they were an essential step in the transition to modern art (not to mention the most profitable fine art style in western history). The French aren’t just annoying — they’re unworthy.

Case in point: Paris-based Graphic Artist, Sophie Toulouse.

Sure, she’s garnered slight acclaim in her home country, but this one is smart enough to whore herself out to the likes of some big dicks of American industry (such as IBM and Nike), while still keeping a comparatively low profile.

As if this weren’t enough, she’s also completely broke (the archetypical artist), surprisingly good-looking, soaked in talent and entirely self-taught. But before you write your vows, know that Sophie Toulouse is the absolute epitome of schizophrenia — completely insane. She perceives reality like a “slut on acid” — a reference to the Vonnegut novel that inspired the tweaked-out alternate universe called, “The Nation of Angela” that Toulouse has shaped for herself.

The Nation of Angela, as well as an astonishing portfolio of print art can be seen on her website.

-Whiskey Jones

[Home] Sophie Toulouse

In memory of Kurt Vonnegut


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