Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Dirty Whirl

This week one of Elite Op's premier writers struck out on his own.

It's like we had this beautiful little egg. And we warmed this egg and watched it closely. Until one day the egg hatched. And out popped this little foul-mouthed, over-zealous, scathing-tongued bastard. And now that little monster has flown away to start a nest of his own.

And that nest is called The Dirty Whirl.

All joking aside, Dirty Frank (or Jeremy, sometimes) is one helluva a writer and an unbelievable resource for cutting edge media commentary. He's a writer worthy of serious note, as he is only beginning a career that will surely spiral out of control into controversy, 1st amendment abuse and glorious elitism.

Fly on our little bird of prey, fly on.

Check out Dirty's blog (and a review of the new Shin's album) here:

The Dirty Whirl


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