Monday, June 04, 2007

Elite Opinion Makes Mistakes Too

No one's perfect.

Well, that's not true. Jessica Biel is perfect. But most of us aren't perfect.

This site is no exception.

Turns out the new 65 Days of Static is good - but not the great masterpiece it could have been. And the much hyped (and last-hour leaked) Circa Survive album is also good - but not the incredible genre-bender it should have been.

That's 2 out 5 - wrong, for those of you keeping score (see our "Most Anticipated of 2007" post.)

So what the hell is good?

The New Minus The Bear.

Which is a surprise because by our calculations they were due for a really lack-luster play-it-safe release.


The dudes have moved beyond their trite songs about drinking, girls and lost summer eve moments.

Those dark summer nights have simply become darker and more engaging.

[THE'SPACE] Minus The Bear
[HOME] Minus The Bear


Blogger Dirty Frank said...

Yeah, but I don't. I was 80% right on my picks. I truly am one magnificent bastard.

2:48 PM  

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