Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Elite Opinion asks, Didn't They Just Put This CD Out?

Explosions in the Sky has made the same album again.

No, not that one. Ah, okay, again, again.

And this "new" album is full of the same songs that they've been making since they started making the same song.

No, it's not your imagination. Yes, you really have been hearing-

The same damn scale.

In the same damn key.

In the same damn timing.

With the same goddamn song structure.

Over and over and over.

How is this not getting old for anyone else?


Oh right.

With the exception of Brighteyes, Explosions may be the most overrated band in the underground indie music scene. What it is certain, is that Explosions in the Sky is the most repetitive and monotonous band in the underground indie music scene.

Now the Texan group's nearly phobic fear of diversity, creativity or artist growth has been defended by some who claim that the similarities in their songs are of a purposeful design, because each album is intended to be one long song.

That's like saying Nickelback's songs all sound exactly the same because they are a concept group who is trying to span their entire career with one massive, epic, super-song.

Not buying that are you?

But I bet you would buy All of the Sudden, I Miss Everyone.

How is that even poss-

Oh right.


Elite Opinion gives this album 3 out of 5 bullets.


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