Monday, October 30, 2006

On Film

A young filmmaker once told me that the most exciting thing about CGI is that for the first time in history a director can finally paint the sky whatever color he wants.

Of course he’s not saying that before computer graphics, we didn’t have the ability to manipulate the sky- it’s just that it was never cost effective. So unless the director really, really, really wanted his sky to be blood red – it just wasn’t done.

But those days are over. Now if a filmmaker wants skies swarming with the green threat of tropical storm- done.

If the shot calls for the heavens to hiss and crackle with fire and cinder- done.

And so on.

So the sky has finally become a canvas within the reach of any ground-bound director schmuck. How romantic. Why the hell should you care- and of vast more importance; why the hell would Elite Opinion think you should care?

Because when a man’s got a brush that can reach the clouds- imagine what else he can do.

For the first time since the dawn of film, a movie’s visuals are limited solely by the scope and vision of its creators.

The eventual movies should be the greatest filmmatic pieces ever crafted by man- but in the interim, expect to see some crazy shit.

Want to see what I mean?

300 Trailer (click to view)

Of course this movie almost undoubtedly makes for a better trailer than it will a full-length production and by all indications director Zach Snyder is a royal jackass- but still, look at it for Christ’s sake. LOOK AT IT.

Both 300 and Darren Arroanonoynossofkii's The Fountain are the forerunners of a new school of film that recklessly drives computer generated images to their limits, not just because CGI provides more efficient and contemporary solutions to logistical nightmares, but because CGI allows directors to return to a role that has long been absent in the industry: that of an Artist.

300 is due out on March 9th, 2007

The Fountain opens on November 22nd.


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