Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NEWS FLASH: Elite Opinion Likes Guns. And Movies About People Abusing Guns. Weird.

It’s a well known and rigorously documented fact that two of my favorite things are stories about professional killers and Jeremy Piven.And I think we can all agree that those two things needed to be intertwined and put on the big screen.

So on the movies-that-should-be-fucking-great scale, Smokin’ Aces is a 9.0.

And if this movie turns out to be a giant pile of horse shit, you can bet your ass I’m going to piss down someone’s throat.

And when I say ‘someone’, I mean director Joe Carnahan. Of course he directed Narc as well, and that flick was absolutely harsh. So I’ve got hope. And that hope is only bolstered by Aces’ cast:



Jason Bateman

Common (yes, the rapper)

Andy Garcia

Alicia Keys

Ray fucking Liotta


Ryan Renolds, who I like, no matter how many bad movies he’s in.

Kind of an odd list- but they are all playing grimey violent characters, which is obviously the best kind of characters.

Check out the goods:

Trailer 1 (click to view)

Trailer 2 (click to view)

The only thing this movie’s missing is Ice-T dropping a load in a senator’s cereal bowl and spoon feeding it to him. This flick looks that raw.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Oh and Carnahan, you’ve been warned.


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