Monday, December 12, 2005

The Best Albums of 2005

It's that magical time of year, once again. You've all managed to prove evolution has come to a complete and utter halt by pulling out another 365 days of breathing, shitting and drinking. Congratulations.

It's time for a new year, and you all know what that means..

Yep! Here it is you thankless motherfuckers, now you can tell (bullshit) all of your friends what you've been listening for the last 12 months:

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The Best of 2005

1.) Lack - "Be There Pulse"

2.) The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - "Love In A Fascist Brothel"
3.) Bloc Party - "Silent Alarm"
4.) Coheed and Cambria - "Good Apollo"
5.) Minus The Bear - "Menos El Oso"
6.) The Number Twelve Looks Like You - "Nuclear Sad Nuclear"
7.) Meleeh - "Another Low. A New Hollow"
8.) Broken Social Scene - "S/T"
9.) Team Sleep - "S/T"
10.) Sigur Ros - "Takk"

Here are a few additional Best-Of-2005 Lists from alternative Elite Opinion Affiliates:

Metal Snob '05 Best of List:

1 Gospel - "The moon is a dead world"

2 Buried Inside - "Chronoclast"
3 Coheed and Cambria - "Good Apollo"
4 The Number Twelve Looks Like You - "Nuclear Sad Nuclear"
5 Funeral Diner - "The Underdark"
6 The Black Dahlia Murder - "Miasma"
7 Meneguar - "I Was Born at Night"
8 The Pine - "Don't Need Regret"
9 The Red Sparrows - "At the Soundless Dawn"
10 (a tie)
A.) Between the Buried and Me - "Alaska"
B.) Every Time I Die - "Gutter Phenomenon"

Indie-Pop Snob '05 Best of List:

1 Bloc Party - "Silent Alarm"

2 White Stripes - "Get Behind Me Satan"
3 Iron and Wine - "Woman King EP"
4 Slater Kinney - "The Woods"
5 Death Cab For Cutie - "Plans"
6 Nada Surf - "The Weight Is a Gift"
7 Coldplay - "X&Y"
8 Decemberists - "Picaresque"
9 Depeche Mode - "Playing the Angel"
10 The Darkness - "One Way Ticket to Hell...And Back"