Thursday, May 18, 2006

Music That's Nearly As Good As You. Week 2

People with bad taste go to hell. Seriously.

Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Heartbroken EP

Yeah let’s keep rolling the music clock back. This release puts us where, 1963? Not even the good drugged-out ’63, the lame poppy nearly musak weak-wristed ’63.

Tell you what let’s roll everything back. How about medicine, I don’t need penicillin. Indoor plumbing? HA, shitting in a bucket, that's indie. Oh look, Pitchfork just gave electricity a score of 4.0 saying, “perhaps the applications would merit the hype if it wasn’t so predictable when properly conducted and frenzied when unrestrained.”

Look its okay to take cues from your predecessors; just don’t take their melodies, form, production lyrics, vocals etc, etc

Danielson - Ships

Hey, Bright Eyes, close the fucking door. You’re letting all of the creepy art-folk-indie-acts out.

This is what happens when too many college kids buy records from Nebraska.


Angles and Airwaves – We Don’t Need To Whisper

What’s a worse fate for a once nearly respectable “punk” band,

A.) Staying together and putting out an album infested with pop cues and pseudo-political agenda aggrandizing, like say.... Greenday

B.) Breaking up and leaving the most ignored member to release an album with a death-grip on all four of the simplistic sounds that made his albums sell 10 years ago, like say... Tom from Blink 182.

The answer is of course that both are equally despicable but at least Blink never claimed to be more than perverts- any assertions that Greenday was punk? Laugh with me kids.

Honestly, I usually don’t bother lambasting such obvious targets. I’d rather save the hate for bands who actually garner critical praise and seemingly legit credit… but have you seen what Tom said about this project??!!

(All of the below was shamelessly lifted from I Guess I’m Floating who compiled these highlights)

Tom DeLonge speaking on Angles and Airwaves:

"The best music made in decades."

"It sounds like it has the conceptual depth of Pink Floyd, the anthemic architecture of U2- but with Tom from Blink writing all the melodies. All the songs are very cinematic, anthemic and epic-sounding. The music sounds angelic. Every song gives you the chills and you feel like you want to cry but you're conquering the world at the same time. It sounds like stadium rock done by a band that's meant to be the absolute biggest band in the world."

"The songs are all six minutes long, and [the music] feels like you're going to cry but you put your fist in the air and you can conquer the world... It's built on a punk-rock foundation, but it definitely doesn't sound like Blink."

"Imagine if you were in a jet plane, soaring through the clouds. That's what it sounds like."


If Tom could play guitar nearly half as well as he can write his own hype, he’d be Jimi fucking Hendrix reborn.

I always liked Mark better anyway.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium

Guys, take off the scarves and put the socks back on.

Now who wants to do needle-drugs?!

Remember kids: s sober artist is a BORING artist.


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